The Peer Leadership Team

The Peer Leadership Team is comprised of leaders and Peer Leader supervisors in units and divisions across VCU who have committed to see this intiative grow within and beyond the Division of Student Affairs. The Peer Leadership Staff collaborates with other professionals and students to create a supportive environment for Peer Leaders wherever and however they serve other students. 

The Peer Leadership Committee

In addition to our staff, the Peer Leadership Initiative is supported by a committee, made up of professionals and students dedicated to seeing Peer Leaders and Peer Leader supervisors thrive in their positions. Through their work, the Peer Leadership Committee seeks to create common learning experiences for Peer Leaders, celebrate and recognize Peer Leaders, and support Peer Leader supervisors through training, professional development, and other resources. This collaborative effort demonstrates how committed the Division of Student Affairs is to seeing our students succeed, gain REAL experience, and form welcoming communities.

Click here to learn more about VCU Transform, the unit within the Division of Student Affairs that oversees the Peer Leadership Initiative.