What is a Peer Leader?

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A Peer Leader at VCU is defined as a student who has been selected and trained to serve in a leadership role that supports student success. Whether they are serving as Resident Assistants in Residential Life and Housing, supporting student wellness with Recreation and Well-Being, or shaping meaningful experiences with countless other offices, Peer Leaders make community happen at VCU.

What do Peer Leaders do?

Even though Peer Leaders have a wide variety of roles and responsibilities, we hope all Peer Leaders are equipped to:

  • Offer quality service as they prioritize relationships, resourcefulness, and well-being in their interactions with others.
  • Cultivate inclusive environments where everyone feels and is welcome to belong.
  • Exercise self-confidence in their growing abilities to lead, solve problems, think critically, and excel as a student and leader at VCU.
  • Make connections between their lived experiences and their education to prepare for a fruitful future long after their Peer Leader experience.

What does Peer Leadership offer to students?

In every Peer Leader role, VCU students can gain practical skills and experiences that make an impact in our community. By being trained and gaining valuable insights about themselves, their passions, and how they work, Peer Leaders become better prepared to take on new challenges, including many that face them in the job market and in their life after VCU.

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In addition, Peer Leadership roles qualify as a REAL Level 3 experience that students can count towards their REAL graduation requirement. REAL ensures every VCU student has a meaningful, hands-on learning experience. Our team works hard to ensure every Peer Leader has a strong mentoring experience with a qualified co-curricular educator and ample opportunities to reflect on their experience. Through their experience, mentoring, and reflection, Peer Leaders can fully incorporate their position into their educational and formational journey at VCU.